Maker Profile: PLAYIR 3D games workshop

Playir’s workshop is aimed at anyone who’s ever wanted to make their own game, but didn’t have enough time or know where to begin. The talk will be highly practical, demonstrating easy-to-use features for just about anyone to get into. Their tools are aimed at getting kids into design, entrepreneurship and coding, so the technical bar of entry is set very low.

You will be taken through a complete visual walkthrough of creating and editing your very own 3D multiplayer RTS game, from a pre-existing game template, that you can instantly tweet out or publish on mobiles for others to play.

Maker Profile: Nick Johnson

Nick Johnson of Arachnid Labs has recently completed a Kickstarter campaign for his latest invention Re:load Pro a electronic load  used in the design of electronic circuitry to simulate the load of a device on a power supply.


Call For Makers – Now Closed

The Call for Makers officially closed on Saturday, 11th October 2014 however we the demand has been amazing we are at 115 approved exhibitors, talks, sponsors and workshops over the 70 we had last year and we literally have no more room for applications so we are locking it down.

Thanks so much to everyone who has applied, we had 144 applications and feel we’ve chosen those that best match our goals.

We’re looking forward to seeing you in November!

Maker Profile: Ben Gray

Ben Gray, founder of Phenoptix a sponsor of last years Maker Faire will be exhibiting #MeArm an open source simple Robot Arm project made from a single A4 sheet of acrylic and 4 micro servos.


Maker Profile: Stefania Druga

Stefania Druga of HacKIDemia has created a mobile invention lab for kids. They design STEM hands-on workshops including a DIY Conductive Ink kit, DIY Microscope kit and DIY Plant Doctor kit.