Maker Profile: Si Ye

Si Yu’s exhibition, ‘Tooth Data Power’, is a sound installation that records brushing data from a subject who brushes their teeth and uses that data to control the motor of an automatic toothbrush. The subject first brushes their teeth using a refitted manual toothbrush that contains two different sensors: a pressure sensor and a bending sensor. The brushing data will be different for each user as each user applies a unique force to their teeth, and gets saved to a database. An arduino is used to convert the brushing data into voltages, and this output is then used to control an automatic toothbrush (a low voltage causes it to spin slowly and a high voltage faster).

This installation allows us to understand what data is on a more intimate level, by showing the relationship between daily life and data. Si’s exhibition will show a prototype and the running installation, along with videos so the audience can follow the entire process.

Maker Profile: Romilly Cocking

Romilly Cocking has been a computer enthusiast since 1958 and has now branched into electronics, including microcontrollers such as the Arduino. He has worked on a number of mobile robots and will be showing off his latest creation, ‘C3Pi’, which has a Raspberry Pi and Arduino for brains, and can be controlled by a phone via WiFi.

He will also be displaying the Pololu robots, which are line followers and maze runners. These robots are popular with all ages including children.

Maker Profile: Bob & Dave

Bob and Dave just like to make stuff! They will be displaying an eclectic mix of projects, including a mini-rope making machine, flashing miniature neon bulbs displays, 2-bit binary addition demonstrator using relays and a white line following robot,  as well as unusual chess boards, a determination of ‘g’ with Raspberry Pi and small falling sphere, and a static electricity generator made from old CDs.

Maker Profile: PLAYIR 3D games workshop

Playir’s workshop is aimed at anyone who’s ever wanted to make their own game, but didn’t have enough time or know where to begin. The talk will be highly practical, demonstrating easy-to-use features for just about anyone to get into. Their tools are aimed at getting kids into design, entrepreneurship and coding, so the technical bar of entry is set very low.

You will be taken through a complete visual walkthrough of creating and editing your very own 3D multiplayer RTS game, from a pre-existing game template, that you can instantly tweet out or publish on mobiles for others to play.

Maker Profile: Nick Johnson

Nick Johnson of Arachnid Labs has recently completed a Kickstarter campaign for his latest invention Re:load Pro a electronic load  used in the design of electronic circuitry to simulate the load of a device on a power supply.