Maker Profile: Giles Grover

Small Machines produce a range of laser-cut, hydraulic and mechanically driven Maker kits to build and use in the comfort of your own home. All models are based on existing industrial machines or mechanical devices. Each kit comes complete with all parts needed to construct a working solution, except for the tap water for the syringes (that act as hydraulic pistons).


Small Machines is a very young start up business, having been established around a year ago. All the products are designed, manufactured and packaged in Sheffield.

Maker Profile: Daisy Ng

Daisy’s work, Metamorphosis, is predominately based on the movement and bodies of living things, and explores and captures magnified detail through drawing and print. She then use digital media to manipulate her original drawings to create mandala-like designs which illustrate the circle of life.


To emphasise this process, Daisy chooses organisms which have a life cycle that revolves around metamorphosis, recording the biological processes and relatively abrupt changes in the animal’s body structure. This process inspired her to move her designs through their own ‘metamorphosis’ from the primary record of a drawn image, which was then evolved through the use of print.

Make Profile: Luke Joseph Sharples

Luke Joseph Sharples is the director of Joseph Lukes Guitars, a boutique guitar company based in London that makes guitars using only hand tools & traditional methods.Luke will be exhibiting  some of his work from this year and will be on hand to discuss what it is like to be a young guitar maker in the UK, as well as offering insight on some of the making processes involved.

Maker Profile: Adriano Rui Gominho

Adriano Gominho from voind, a service aimed at providing hobbyist and professional audio producers with remote access to audio hardware over the internet, will be presenting the voind robot in action. This device is one component of the voind architecture that remotely actuates classic audio gear under the control of a software plugin.


Espruino Pico


Only a few weeks ago we blogged about Espruino the JavaScript based microcontroller and now Gordon Williams and his company have launched a Kickstarter campaign for Espruino Pico the baby sister to Espruino.

They have almost a month to go and have already almost reached their funding goal but the stretch goals are too so be sure to get your Espruino Pico and say hello to Gordon and co at Elephant & Castle Mini Maker Faire in a couple weeks time!