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Maker Profile: Atomic Arcade

Atomic Arcade is an interactive atom-building simulator that allows users to build their own atoms by ‘firing’ protons and neutrons with buttons in an arcade machine. The behaviour and movement of the particles are designed to illustrate the basic behaviours of atomic nuclei, and the relationships between the chemical elements. This will be a visually engaging piece of art as well as a game, using humour, animation and explorational gameplay to communicate scientific principles.


The beta version of this game is available to play online now at


Maker Profile: CubeMate

CubeMate allows colleagues, friends and flatmates to share their moods with each other without having to say a word. It’s a small cube consisting of interactive and funny lit-up faces. CubeMate can be placed in a common space of the office or the house, so everyone can see you mood. By clicking on its top face, people can communicate each other their mood thanks to the LEDs arranged on the front face.


CubeMate can display facial expressions, through specific lighting shapes, that correspond to four moods: “happy”, “calm”, “angry” and “sad”. Top faces of CubeMates are made in different colors and each person can choose his/her own color. This cube can improve cohabitation quality in shared spaces such as a flat share or office. Everyone can now let each other know if they want to be alone or if they want company!

Maker Profile: Gesto

Gesto is an open-source electronic kit, that reads your muscle activity into its DIY gesture-based controller, translating your gestures into actions within  other electronic devices.


Gesto includes an electronic board used to acquire electromyographic data, a set of dry electrodes, cables, a battery and a file to 3D print your own band. It needs no calibration and has a unlimited number of gestures that the user can add. Come and try Gesto for yourself at their stand and see what you can control with EMG data from your own body!


Maker Profile: South London Makerspace

A Maker Faire in South London? Sign us up!

We did, we’ll be there, and we’ll got lots to show and tell, including the latest on our new permanent home.

Come find our stand in the Faire, where we’ll be showing what we’ve been making –

Yulia Silina will be showing ‘The Distant Heart’, a beautifully crafted computational necklace that is part of her research into rectifying the emotional void created when families, friends and loved ones move away from each other.

Tom Lynch will be showing his split-flap display. It’s a bit of a mouthful to say but mesmerising in action, crossing twitter streams with the clack-clack-clack of railway departure boards. He’s also a main organiser of the Faire, so go Tom go!

Toby Harris will be showing his *spark d-fuser mixer that crossfades between two laptop’s output. It’s a product that ships worldwide, that started as an arduino hack. He’s also giving a talk about the project at 12.30. If you’ve ever hacked together a prototype idea but not known where to go from there, come and find out.

Gordon Endersby will be showing his work on the Makerspace’s Doorbell and Doorbot, one wonderfully heath-robinson and the other seriously serious.

Alongside those finished projects we’ll be showing work-in-progress brewing amongst our members, including mathematically derived lampshades and the latest salvos in the SLMS delta vs. cartesian 3D printer tweaks.

But most of all, come and see our plans for the our new railway arch space, and chat about the future. As some members will be at the Maker Faire, so will others be making our Makerspace. Exciting times!

Maker Profile: Smart Citizen

What are the real levels of air pollution around your home or business? and what about noise pollution? and humidity?

Now imagine that you could know them, share instantly and compare with other places in your city, in real time … How could this information help to improve our environment quality?

Smart Citizen hope to answer these questions and many more, through the development of low-cost sensors. Now you can be one of these sensors in a network by supporting this project. Working together, Smart Citizens can build a real Smart City.