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Unfortunately after trying our hardest to find a way to make Elephant & Castle Mini Maker Faire 2015 happen, it appears not to be possible but we’re working hard to return in 2016!

If you missed the past events, or just want to know what our Maker Faire is about, check out our photos, and the video below:

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Maker Profile: Emerging Spaces Workshop with Digihaus

photo 1

  • Create complex and visually ecstatic emergent structures and spaces using our laser cut geometric components.
  • Assemble and make unique custom designed furniture using our pre laser cut components.
  • An opportunity to discuss and design alternative solutions to design your own unique optimum space, structure or furniture piece.
  • Interact and use SketchChair design App to design your own optimum designed furniture ready for fabrication.

Our hypothesis is that complex (i.e. highly integrated functions) architectural solutions can emerge, within a cohort of humans, where no conscious pre-planning or strategising takes place before, or during construction. We wish to experience how complexity emerges in natural swarms to give you a first hand experience of what it is like to be a physical agent or indeed a digital agent. – Dr. Ruper Soar

DigiHaus is a design & digital fabrication studio based in the heart of London, specialising in design and fabrication of bespoke products. Their team is composed of highly trained designers and technicians all passionate to further the potentials of laser cutting and 3D printing.

Navigating the subway of Elephant & Castle

We are aware that many people will be new to the area so we’ve prepared a simplified map of the area to help navigate from the shopping centre, National Rail and London Underground stations.


Café Menu

On Saturday we’ll have a selection of hot and cold drinks and snacks available in the café for visitors as well as a number of lunch options for those looking to purchase lunch. There will also be a picnic area for those bringing their own lunches.

Lunch Menu

Mushroom Soup with Bread & Butter – £3.00

Chicken Curry & Rice – £4.50
BBQ Chicken Wrap – £4.50

Vegetarian Options
Makhani Dhal with Pilau Rice – £4.50
Soya Chili Peppers Wrap – £4.50

Floor Plan and Schedule Released!

After much tinkering and iteration we’ve finally been able to publish a floor plan and schedule for this Saturday’s Elephant & Castle Mini Maker Faire 2014!

We’re really proud of what the amazing support we’ve had from all the volunteers, sponsors, exhibitors, speakers and teachers who are helping to bring this event to you!

Floor Plan