Join the maker community at Maker Assembly

Maker Assembly will be a one-day gathering of makers taking a critical look at the maker culture: its meaning, politics, history and future. Join us! The Elephant & Castle Mini Maker Faire organisers teamed up with other maker events organisers (Brighton Mini Maker Faire and the V&A Digital Programmes) to create a community-run event where… Continue reading Join the maker community at Maker Assembly


Unfortunately after trying our hardest to find a way to make Elephant & Castle Mini Maker Faire 2015 happen, it appears not to be possible but we’re working hard to return in 2016! If you missed the past events, or just want to know what our Maker Faire is about, check out our photos, and the… Continue reading Update

Maker Profile: Atomic Arcade

Atomic Arcade is an interactive atom-building simulator that allows users to build their own atoms by ‘firing’ protons and neutrons with buttons in an arcade machine. The behaviour and movement of the particles are designed to illustrate the basic behaviours of atomic nuclei, and the relationships between the chemical elements. This will be a visually… Continue reading Maker Profile: Atomic Arcade

Maker Profile: Emerging Spaces Workshop with Digihaus

Create complex and visually ecstatic emergent structures and spaces using our laser cut geometric components. Assemble and make unique custom designed furniture using our pre laser cut components. An opportunity to discuss and design alternative solutions to design your own unique optimum space, structure or furniture piece. Interact and use SketchChair design App to design… Continue reading Maker Profile: Emerging Spaces Workshop with Digihaus

Maker Profile: CubeMate

CubeMate allows colleagues, friends and flatmates to share their moods with each other without having to say a word. It’s a small cube consisting of interactive and funny lit-up faces. CubeMate can be placed in a common space of the office or the house, so everyone can see you mood. By clicking on its top… Continue reading Maker Profile: CubeMate