The world’s largest 3D printing store…


logoiMakr is the world’s largest 3D printing store, located in the heart of London at 79 Clerkenwell Road, two minutes walk from Farringdon Station.

Last night we were invited to a special launch party for the opening of the new store. It was really rather an interesting experience, there were products from the regulars like MakerBot, Faberdashery and PP3DP but there were some notable absentees such as Ultimaker, RepRap, Printrbot and FORM 1.


The missing products could be due to these products not being available or suitable for retail but it is a shame that these other products don’t feature given their importance to the 3D printing community. When it comes down to it this is a shop not a museum and it has to be able to sell the products it displays, besides we’ll have plenty of variety at Elephant & Castle Mini Maker Faire to make up for it!


Interestingly everything on the shop floor seemed to have a price tag, there were a number of shabby-chic wooden cupboards around the store, which were being used to display various prints from the machines but also for sale.


The quality of these items was obviously reasonable but they were clearly 3D printed possibly to keep the build time down by not going for the lowest layer height (increasing quality, but slowing the print down), however I suspect this also has the side effect of making the print more desirable as a talking point in a home as it’s clearly not a injection moulded thing.


Our friends from Faberdashery over in the west country were positioned front and centre throughout the store. For those unawares, Faberdashery are manufacturers of plastic filament that feeds these hungry 3d printing beasties! They produce a brilliant range of products in varying colours and importantly varying quantities.



There were a number of 3D printers running during the launch event, a sure fire way to captivate those new to 3D printing, I myself after building an Ultimaker must have spent hours staring at it drizzle molten plastic in concentric patterns layer-by-layer to create my designs.


iMakr is a retail store in London, but also an online store. More importantly perhaps for the Maker community, iMakr is a venture capital firm looking to invest in upcoming Maker businesses. They are well worth looking up if you are in the market for a partnership with a 3D printing orientated VC fund.

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