Maker Profile: Jude Pullen


Jude Pullen is a Design Engineer who currently works at Dyson, UK and previously worked in California, Hong Kong and Norway. Living a second life in cardboard, ABS plastic and Styrofoam, Jude has developed what he calls Design Modelling, – a set of techniques that can be used to rapidly form new ideas and test-out physical prototypes. “If a picture says 1000 words, arguably a prototype says a 1000 pictures, or enables 1000 interactions? This can be especially true when designing cross-cultural products, where a physical model can be invaluable in understanding user interactions that aren’t intuitive in your own culture,” he told Maker Faire.

Having worked and lived in vastly different environments, Jude has seen the potential of these universal techniques used to explore complex problems ranging from fishing trawler design to assistive devices for osteoarthritis suffers. He believes they are highly valuable in any creative process, because they use cheap materials which are simple to work with, so can often expose problems before using more costly design processes (Sheet-Metal, CAD, CAM, etc).

Jude’s recent applications of his own techniques have resulted in a solder dispenser called Solder Buddy, which was much liked on Instructables winning him a 3D printer! He also produced a Raspberry Pi case in cardboard and plastic and carrier for muddy boots – made by simply folding an apple-box in half.

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