Maker Profile: Technology Will Save Us


Technology Will Save Us (TWSU) call themselves “a haberdashery for technology and education dedicated to helping people to produce and not just consume technology.”


jpegTWSU sell a number of products through their various in-store kiosks and online including DIY kits and basic tools and components. One of their better known kits called Bright Eyes got funding late last year through crowd funding website Kickstarter, raising over £15,000 in pledges for their LED shutter shades which can be programmed with different animations.


TWSU also offer a number of different classes mainly focused around their retail kits, participants can learn how to create their own musical instrument, through to basic Arduino programming and even how to make a plant thirst detector.

In addition to being at Elephant & Castle Mini Maker Faire demoing and selling their products, TWSU will also be offering a special classes throughout the day at kit cost, meaning that for the cost of the kit you can take part in their classes and learn something new!

In addition to all this fantastic activity TWSU recently won Nesta Digital Makers Funding to encourage and enable a generation of young people to create rather than simply consume technology. They are working in partnership with Royal Institute and Young Advisers to develop new kits and workshops for young people and schools.

This was their 2 minute video proposal to Nesta:

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