Maker Profile: Faberdashery

Rainbow Funpack

For those who are new to 3D printing, or indeed those who’ve been 3D printing since before it was cool, there is one thing you’ll always be dependant on, and that is filament.

Filament is the plastic that is used by a 3D printer, it is a really long piece of plastic, usually PLA or ABS in either 1.75mm or 3mm diameter. Filament comes in different colours to allow you to get creative with your designs, and that is where Faberdashery specialise!

Faberdashery aren’t a sponsor of ours, however they’ve been generous enough to provide all any Maker at Elephant & Castle Mini Maker Faire with free Filament to run their 3D printers so we wanted to make a public thanks to them for supporting what we and our Makers are doing!

Faberdashery are highly recommended by many including the staff at Ultimaker, arguably the best 3D printer available right now for Makers. Faberdashery have gone from strength to strength because they allow customers to buy as much or as little as they want, rather than having to commit to buying entire spools which are expensive and very heavy to ship.

Finally, the best thing about Faberdashery is it’s all home grown, down in the little town of Frome, in the West Country! They make and design all their products in the UK and sell them from their studio in Somerset.

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