Maker Profile: Greg Saul


Greg Saul is an Industrial Design graduate with a strong interest in using technology to enable innovative and new design. He is one half of Diatom a design studio split across oceans, Greg in London, Tiago in Wellington, New Zealand.

ScreenshotSketchChair is an open source tool that allows anyone to design and build their own furniture and share these online with the community. The project was supported made possible thanks to a Kick Starter campaign where it raised over $30,000 and was backed by almost 600 people. Models can be designed in software then output to various CNC machines from full-scale CNC routers and laser cutters down to table top craft knife plotters or desktop printers for hand cutting.

Piccolo is Diatom’s latest project, they are aiming to build a pocket sized stand alone CNC platform which can be outfitted with various tools.


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