Maker Profile: Design for Social Change

Design for Social Change is a social impact business for communities, local businesses and global brands. We aim to create better cities neighbourhood by neighbourhood, driving systemic change through civic engagement, mobile tech, social media and backing vibrant local economies.

Our public service is Changify – the first social crowdsourcing, solving and funding platform where residents can directly document, report on and change their neighbourhood from their phone and support the local economy.




We run Changify neighbourhood walks to explore and surface local needs, based around the themes of food, wellbeing, transport, education, environment, urban planning and culture.

Combining mobile citizen reporting with street marking and local speakers, from these walks emerge reports and projects that communities, councils and brands can amplify through social media and back financially.

Here’s a video for a recently posted project: Camberwell Flavours and sample report


For Elephant & Castle Mini Maker Faire we are running Changify Elephant & Castle…


At the Changify Elephant citizen walk from 10:45AM – 5pm at LCC , we’ll be visiting key points of interest, reporting and mapping street level sentiment on the massive regeneration sweeping the area. Hearing from local people en route – a council planner, a local historian, a neighbourhood campaigner, entrepreneur and artists. We’ll compare visions and experiences to craft an engaged, civic geography using data from the walk. Using locally laser printed citizen planning toolkit to make urban plans based on resident needs, hopes and aspirations that can inform the future regeneration of Elephant & Castle.

Sign-up to join us this Saturday 6th July from 10:45 AM onwards at maker Faire LCC

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