16-bit Maker Faire: Our first 16 applications!

We are really chuffed to announce that this week we’ve accepted our first 16 applications of the 32 so far received. Remember by no means is this the end of applications, we continue to look forward to hearing from more of you!

The Call for Makers applications will remain open until Saturday, 11th October 2014, but get your applications in early to avoid disappointment!

peepo – Jonathan Chetwynd
Artisan Ironwork – Ian Lowe
Just Add Sharks MS Raynsford & Dominic Morrow – Dominic Morrow
Espruino JavaScript for Microcontrollers – Gordon Williams
Mirobot – Ben Pirt
PLAYIR – Ashraf Samy Hegab
We Just Like to Make Stuff – David Sweeney
C3Pi – Romilly Cocking
Tooth data power – Si Ye
The Distant Heart – Yulia Silina
3D Printed Cookie Cutters – Hu Loh
Fablab Essex – Iain Duncan
Newspaper Stixx/Metal Tape and wire Sculpture – Darcy Turner
DIY InMoov Robot – Bram Geenen
Arachnid Labs – Nick Johnson
Pi Supply – Aaron Shaw

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