Maker Profile: Si Ye

Si Yu’s exhibition, ‘Tooth Data Power’, is a sound installation that records brushing data from a subject who brushes their teeth and uses that data to control the motor of an automatic toothbrush. The subject first brushes their teeth using a refitted manual toothbrush that contains two different sensors: a pressure sensor and a bending sensor. The brushing data will be different for each user as each user applies a unique force to their teeth, and gets saved to a database. An arduino is used to convert the brushing data into voltages, and this output is then used to control an automatic toothbrush (a low voltage causes it to spin slowly and a high voltage faster).

This installation allows us to understand what data is on a more intimate level, by showing the relationship between daily life and data. Si’s exhibition will show a prototype and the running installation, along with videos so the audience can follow the entire process.

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