Maker Profile: Ben Pawle

Tingbot is a Raspberry Pi-powered affordable plug-and-play personal communications hardware platform that works alongside the ‘’ application. lets you build a digital language of personal, playful animated expressions and share them with others. Sitting somewhere between text and video chat, it encourages users to express themselves in a meaningful and creative way. This flexible digital platform plays off hashtag culture; building a library of moments of self-expression (Tings).

Tingbot is a great project for making theĀ  Raspberry Pi more accessible and for making it easier for people to build and experience creative projects. The Ting platform will be demonstrated at the Makerfaire allowing visitors to make Tings and experience them live on the Tingbot.

The Ting platform was created by NORD, a networked studio of invention who are are a mixture of designers, developers, artists and engineers that enjoy making things together.

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