Maker Profile: Toby Harris

Toby Harris is the creator of Spark D-Fuser, a DVI mixer with a cross-fader, and will be showing off his product as well as giving a first-hand account of five years of getting a product to market and coming out the other side.


Toby will be on hand to answer your questions about how to get your product from prototype to ready-for-market. He can tell you:

    • how to roll your own your own HD video mixer with an arduino and DJ cross-fader
    • what was needed to get £50k in pre-orders
    • how to codify the the difference between something that works for you, something that works for a video, and something that ‘just works’
    • how to make the leap from pre-orders or Kickstarter to retail and licensing

If you’ve ever hacked together a prototype idea but not known where to go from there, come and find out.

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