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Maker Profile: Nikhila Ravi

Ingenious Instruments is a team of two female Engineers from Cambridge University. The have started a social enterprise to make a low cost, automated, high-precision microscope, which uses open source software and hardware and and has digital imaging capabilities. This new microscope has the potential to be used in schools in the U.K. to enhance science and technology education or to be used for remote diagnosis of tropical diseases in developing countries.

Last year Ingenious Instruments won a national competition run by the consulting firm McKinsey and Company and are sponsored by McKinsey and UnLtd for Social Entrepreneurs. They will be bringing a prototype of the microscope to the Elephant and Castle Mini Maker Faire to allow attendees to try out the device and to demonstrate its features to a wider audience.

Maker Profile: Kain Leo

A Boy from the Graveyard is acomputational puppet show that immerses the audience in an interactive narrative playspace. Audience become part of the story by controlling the puppets movements through the actions of their own bodies thanks to a cutting-edge motion tracking system.

The experience also augments the traditional family theatre platform of puppetry with projected imagery to deeply engage audience in an imaginative story environment that melds both the past and future storytelling methods.


Maker Profile: Ross Atkin

Ross’s company, The Crafty Robot have created a new way to add movement and excitement to your paper robots, called Fizzbit. Fizzbit is a small piece of kit that is entirely battery free and can turn any small model into an exciting moving Fizzbot.

The Crafty Robot will have a wide selection of Fizzbots available to play with. There will also be a Fizzbot production area where visitors will be able to make their own Fizzbot based on a blank template and customised with coloured pens, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, sequins etc.


Maker Profile: Adam Martin

Adam Martin’s project, Everyone Can Program, teaches children the principles of programming using custom marble runs which have been 3D printed.

Programming principles involve high-level, abstract concepts that make the difference between “writing a little code” and “knowing how to develop and launch a complete, usable application”.


The core ore lessons include multi-person/shared programming, debugging, testing and program analysis, and  everything iss done by constructing (or deconstructing) marble runs!

Maker Profile: Enrico Bertelli

Conductive Music, a new London-based music technology education organisation, explores new technologies and prototyping of new instruments in collaboration with young people. The Conductive Music learning experience guides young people toward the realisation of their artistic and professional potential, by increasing their awareness and understanding of the links between music, science and technology. As part of their programmes, young people transform everyday objects, including clothes, into tools for musical expression. In parallel, they acquire key skills for digital and creative industries including computer programming, soldering, instrumental design, and sound design.

Conductive Music will showcase some of the new instruments created during their school workshops, featuring Makey Makey boards and everyday materials. They will make these instruments available at their booth for Maker Faire attendees to play sounds and explore their design.