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Maker Profile: Smart Citizen

What are the real levels of air pollution around your home or business? and what about noise pollution? and humidity?

Now imagine that you could know them, share instantly and compare with other places in your city, in real time … How could this information help to improve our environment quality?

Smart Citizen hope to answer these questions and many more, through the development of low-cost sensors. Now you can be one of these sensors in a network by supporting this project. Working together, Smart Citizens can build a real Smart City.

Maker Profile: Toby Harris

Toby Harris is the creator of Spark D-Fuser, a DVI mixer with a cross-fader, and will be showing off his product as well as giving a first-hand account of five years of getting a product to market and coming out the other side.


Toby will be on hand to answer your questions about how to get your product from prototype to ready-for-market. He can tell you:

    • how to roll your own your own HD video mixer with an arduino and DJ cross-fader
    • what was needed to get £50k in pre-orders
    • how to codify the the difference between something that works for you, something that works for a video, and something that ‘just works’
    • how to make the leap from pre-orders or Kickstarter to retail and licensing

If you’ve ever hacked together a prototype idea but not known where to go from there, come and find out.

Maker Profile: Not Just Arduino


Not Just Arduino is a group of Arduino and DIY electronics enthusiasts based at the London Hackspace meeting every other Monday, all welcome to drop-by. Expect flashing LEDS and Robots!

At the Maker Faire we’ll be showcasing a few projects, including Letterbot. LetterBot is a friendly home monitoring ‘bot.  It keeps an eye on all things related to your front door, tells when the mail arrives, when someone is at the door and keeps tabs on any movement in front of the house. LetterBot logs all event data to because graph all the things!
LetterBot is a work in progress, see video below for more details!

LetterBot Hardware Walkthrough and Demo

Learn more about our group on or follow us on twitter @notjustarduino. See you at the Faire!


Maker Profile: London College of Communication Short Courses


LCC believe in learning by making. As well teaching degree students they share their expertise and facilities through an accessible short course framework. With extensive analogue and digital facilities students take evening and weekend classes in B&W photography, interaction design, bookbinding and all kinds of other things.

Rachel will be here with some of the screen printing team. Stop by and print yourself a free tote bag.

Maker Profile: Ben Pawle

Tingbot is a Raspberry Pi-powered affordable plug-and-play personal communications hardware platform that works alongside the ‘’ application. lets you build a digital language of personal, playful animated expressions and share them with others. Sitting somewhere between text and video chat, it encourages users to express themselves in a meaningful and creative way. This flexible digital platform plays off hashtag culture; building a library of moments of self-expression (Tings).

Tingbot is a great project for making the  Raspberry Pi more accessible and for making it easier for people to build and experience creative projects. The Ting platform will be demonstrated at the Makerfaire allowing visitors to make Tings and experience them live on the Tingbot.

The Ting platform was created by NORD, a networked studio of invention who are are a mixture of designers, developers, artists and engineers that enjoy making things together.