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Maker Profile: Surrey and Hampshire Hackspace

Find out about Surrey and Hampshire Hackspace, a place to tinker, develop, hack, create, explore, share, make and collaborate. Alan Wood, one of the directors of the space, will be on hand to show off the things that this hackspace have made this year and to talk about the hackspace itself.

Maker Profile: Gareth Lloyd

Machines Room are an East London maker space run on the fab lab model. They have been invited by the RSA to exhibit in the space for spaces. They are also part of the Maker Library Network and will  be bringing their maker library to the Mini Maker Faire.

Come along and see some of the equipment available at Machine Room such as the Ultimaker 3D printer, or try a hands on activity such as a laser cut construction set.

Maker Profile: Tishya Oedit

Tishya Oedit is a fashion designer who specialises in knitwear. She draws inspiration from a wide range of subjects, from flora and fauna to architecture and from historical costumes to contemporary ceramics, applying bold patterns and strong colour contrasts in her work.


Tishya translates her love for colour, print and texture into meticulously designed items that are aesthetically pleasing and of high quality. All her products are made of carefully selected materials such as cashmere, silk, cotton and wool yarns and she works using sustainable practices including the limitation of waste production and the use of sustainable packaging.

Maker Profile: Nikhila Ravi

Ingenious Instruments is a team of two female Engineers from Cambridge University. The have started a social enterprise to make a low cost, automated, high-precision microscope, which uses open source software and hardware and and has digital imaging capabilities. This new microscope has the potential to be used in schools in the U.K. to enhance science and technology education or to be used for remote diagnosis of tropical diseases in developing countries.

Last year Ingenious Instruments won a national competition run by the consulting firm McKinsey and Company and are sponsored by McKinsey and UnLtd for Social Entrepreneurs. They will be bringing a prototype of the microscope to the Elephant and Castle Mini Maker Faire to allow attendees to try out the device and to demonstrate its features to a wider audience.

Maker Profile: Kain Leo

A Boy from the Graveyard is acomputational puppet show that immerses the audience in an interactive narrative playspace. Audience become part of the story by controlling the puppets movements through the actions of their own bodies thanks to a cutting-edge motion tracking system.

The experience also augments the traditional family theatre platform of puppetry with projected imagery to deeply engage audience in an imaginative story environment that melds both the past and future storytelling methods.